our story

how it started

During a trip to Australia, Kim and Erica had just settled down in their quaint accommodation for the night. They began to unpack for the week and soon enough, the nightstand was fully lined with 17 bottles of skincare products. They laughed in amusement and telepathically shared a defining thought - this had to stop.
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what we do

how it's going

We get it - life gets busy, good skin takes effort, and the beauty industry effects new skincare trends faster than Netflix produces originals. Lazy Shark is here to change that. We create elevated skincare essentials that are fuss-free and multi-functional to help simplify your routine. Healthy skin doesn't require an army - you only need a few good basics.

Our formulas are intentionally-crafted to optimise the benefits of natural ingredients, enhanced by the science. Yes, we've done the research so you don't have to - this is your only excuse to #GetLazy with skincare.
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we keep it clean

We like our formulas like our inbox - decluttered and only filled with what's necessary. Lazy Shark takes a formula-first approach to make our products gentle and safe for everyone, steering clear of any potentially irritating or sensitizing ingredients. Fragrance and essential oils? We know... they smell good but let's leave that to the luxury hoteliers.

Lazy Shark formulas are all clean, vegan and cruelty-free. What exactly do we mean by "clean"? We'd never use misleading terms like "chemical-free" because that's simply not possible! Almost everything that constitutes a skincare product, from water, to botanical extracts, to oils is made up of chemicals. Your human body is made up of chemicals. Some chemicals are good for your skin and some are not so good. Our standard of clean is to ensure we only use clinically-tested, safe ingredients that will benefit your skin.

More of the good chemicals, and none of the bad!

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